Sunday, December 2, 2007

Maids Made in Asia: a Global Market (1/2)

The situation of the Asian maids “imported” by numerous Arab families is not exactly a taboo in the Arab media. But it is a subject which is mainly tackled from an educational point of view, because of the consequences for the family.

There is however an evolution. Recently for example, videos have been filmed in Saudia to remind viewers to be kind with the people working in their homes, especially during the holy month.

Since a few years, to employ a foreign maid is no more the privilege of well-doing families living in the rich states of the Arab peninsula. On the contrary, it is becoming something more and more casual in countries like Syria where the authorities are more used with the regulation of national emigrants than with the immigration of foreign workers.

With the generalization of education, finding a good and cheap little maid on the local market has become a real challenge and the business of trading “human commodities” is indeed flourishing.

Then, as any other product, prices are changing according to the origins (Sri-Lanka, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Somalia…) and to the “season” – Ramadan being the most expensive one!

A Human Right Watch Report: Middle East: Sri Lankan Domestic Workers Face Abuse
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