Friday, December 28, 2007

Ramadan and TV (1/3): political boycott and women’s affirmation

Ramadan has seen many comments about the sudden disappearance of Syrian TV serials from the Arab screens. The very much acclaimed Bâb al-hâra (The door of the district) was the only one to make its way to numerous viewers. For many people, the boycott of the Syrian production by most of (Saudi owned) TV stations could be the real explanation.

Censorship was a second issue, especially in Egypt with a TV serial which tackled a very sensitive question, that of the fate of hundreds of Egyptian soldiers who were said to be buried alive in the Sinai sands during June 67 war.

But it is Question of Public Opinion (قضية رأي عام), filmed in Egypt by the Syrian director Muhammad Aziziyyeh and aired on different channels, including the prestigious Dubai TV, which had been the most debated production. Famous actress Yusra, considered to be “liberal” gave many press interviews to defend the work she acted in as a rape victim. She said, among other things, that shocking pictures could be a necessity if someone wants things to change.

If the stories described by the various TV serials reflect to some extend the real preoccupations of the Arab audience, indeed many people think in the Arab world that it is time to see changes in women's rights and situation in the area.

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